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Jungle Men

Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band


RHCP Tribute Band

The wild sound of the 4 Californian Peppers

  • Anthony KiedisJulián Corradini (vocals)
  • John FruscianteBrizio Romagnoli (guitar)
  • Chad SmithFrancesco Bigoni (drums)
  • BassMassimo Orena (FLEA!)


Four urban wanderers who come out from different worlds and gather around the fire of music to dance, sing and jump, thus paying tribute to their spicy Californian idols.

Red Hot Chili Peppers fans since the beginning of the band, the Jungle Men stage all their greatest hits but without neglecting some fiery gem for true connoisseur. All this is enhanced by some of the famous jams that characterize RHCP's concerts. With the same instruments and the same wild sound of the originals, to recreate and transmit live all the energy, determination and goliardic spirit that made the Peppers famous.

Jungle Men
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